Enrolling People

Enrolment is a one-time requirement for each time & attendance user and/or turnstile user that has been set up on CloudPass.

A template of the user fingerprint is captured on a CloudPass Kiosk and can be distributed to multiple, geographically diverse CloudPass time & attendance kiosks and/or turnstiles.

Enrolment is a self-managed process completed by the employee.


Before employees can enrol on a Kiosk you must;

  • Ensure you have added the person to CloudPass that you wish to enrol. See this article for further details.
  • Have been issued with an enrollment PIN number. See this article for further details.

How to Enrol using a CloudPass Kiosk…

In this example, we will enrol in the user Joe Bloggs on a CloudPass Kiosk.

CloudPass Time & Attendance Pro

Tap ‘Employees’

Tap ‘Employee Enrol’.

If you do not tap an option the Kiosk will automatically return to the main menu after 10 seconds.

You will be prompted to confirm you have an enrolment PIN. Tap continue.

Enter your Enrolment PIN and tap GO.

You will be then prompted to enrol your fingerprint. Place the finger you wish to enrol on the Kiosk biometric reader until you hear the beep.

Place your finger on the biometric reader again until you hear the beep to verify your fingerprint.

Tap done to be returned to the main menu.

The enrolment process is now complete.