Anti-passback is implemented to prevent a user from scanning their fingerprint multiple times to gain entry to a turnstile. Once a user has scanned their fingerprint to access a turnstile, they will be unable to scan their fingerprint to gain entry again within five minutes. Anti passback is enabled on a site by site basis and by default is enabled on entrances only for all users.

Note: You can enable anti-passback to exit turnstiles by contacting your installer.

Override Anti Passback

To disable anti-passback for a user, from the CloudPass menu, choose ‘People’

Click the person you wish to disable anti-passback for, and then click the Access tab

Choose the ‘Override Anti passback’ tick box and click save to finish.

Antipass-back is now disabled for the person you edited.

Be aware that allowing a user to override anti-passback can result in inaccurate time and attendance and fire roll call reports.

  1. Override Anti Passback