Time restrictions can be set up for access-controlled environments to restrict access to specified time slots. Time restrictions can be applied to;

  • Access Groups
  • Multi-day Visitor Bookings

You can setup up to eight-time restriction windows per day. CloudPass has two system pre-defined time restriction groups;

  • All-day every day - Monday to Sunday, 00:00 - 24:00
  • Working Hours - Monday to Friday, 08:30 to 17:30

Note: When creating a time restriction, it is recommended to add a minimum of 15 minutes to either side of each restriction slot. This will allow access to be still granted for people arriving early and leaving late.

How to get there...

From the CloudPass navigation menu on the left, choose ‘Settings > Time Restrictions’.

The Time Restrictions page is then displayed.

How to add a Time Restriction...

To add a time restriction to CloudPass, from the Time Restrictions page choose the ‘Add Time Restriction’ button in the top right.

The create time restriction window will appear.

Enter a name for the restriction group. In this example, we will create a group called 'Deliveries 10 am - 12 pm'.

Set the time slot(s) for each day by clicking and dragging the mouse. In this example, we will create a single time slot between 10 am - 12 pm.

A day restriction schedule can be copied by clicking the copy button.

This can be pasted to multiple days by clicking the paste button on the days you wish to copy the schedule too.

In this example, we have copied the restriction schedule created for Monday to the rest of the week.

To create the schedule, click the save button.

The new restriction group has now been created and can be searched for on the Time Restrictions page.

How to edit a Time Restriction

Navigate to the time restrictions section of CloudPass by clicking Settings > Time Restrictions

You can now select the time restriction you would like to modify and use the sliders to select your new preset times

Click the Save button to confirm your changes - this will now be available for selection with your modified settings.

How to delete a Time Restriction

To delete a time restriction follow the previous guide to navigate to the settings > Time restrictions page

Select the time restriction you would like to delete and click the Delete button to remove this from your available options