Delivery Management allows you to schedule and manage deliveries to your site.


Time restrictions can be found Here

Setting up delivery locations

Before you can schedule deliveries, you must first configure site delivery locations.

From the CloudPass menu on the left-hand side, choose settings

Under 'Site Management', choose 'Delivery Management'

You will see a list of your sites.  The site must have delivery management enabled as part of your CloudPass subscription to set delivery locations. Choose the site which you wish to set the delivery locations.

Choose the 'Add Delivery Location' button

You will be prompted to fill out the following 3 fields:

  • Name – This is the name of the delivery location i.e. Gate 1 / Bay 1
  • Max Simultaneous Deliveries – How many deliveries can be booked at one time for the same delivery area
  • Active Time – This is a dropdown list of predefined Time restrictions which can be customised on the Time restriction tab for more information please click Here

Once you have saved the information and correctly added all your delivery locations exit and you will now be shown the delivery locations and associated schedules. It will also show how many simultaneous deliveries can be made.

Adding a contractor to manage deliveries

Now that you have set up your delivery locations and time restrictions you can now send invites to your suppliers/contractors for them to log in to your portal and begin to schedule deliveries.

This can be found under Settings > Users > Create New User > Contractor


You will then be prompted to fill out the user’s information and the following fields

  • First Name
  • Surname
  • Company
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number

You will be also asked to set the users password with some granular controls such as – change password on the first login, send the user an activation email, is the account active and can the account be locked out by too many incorrect password attempts.

Finally, you will be asked to set the users permissions – in this example, we are setting up a delivery management contractor, so I have selected the Contractor and Delivery Management permissions as shown below. You can now click Save and the invite (if selected) will be sent for the user to login to your system.

Booking Deliveries

Firstly you should navigate to the delivery management tab on the left-hand side of the website.

You will now need to follow the on-screen instructions to book in your delivery you will be prompted for the below information.

Booking Tab
  • Deliver to site – Which site would you like to book this
  • Delivery Slot – Choose which area you are delivering too and at what time (Please see the Legend below)

  • FAO user – The user who needs to be notified when the delivery has been made to site
  • Contractor Company – The contractor who has ordered the delivery

Haulage Tab

  • Haulage Vehicle Type – Select the type of vehicle that will deliver the goods
  • Haulage Vehicle Registration – the registration of the vehicle which will be delivering the selected booking
  • Dispatch postcode – where the item will be being delivered from
  • Mileage There and Back – This will be determined by the field above being set

Delivery Items Tab

You will now be prompted to add the items you are expecting to be delivered this is perfect as a manifest for the user who will be accepting the delivery to check against once the delivery is on site.

Click the + Add Delivery Item button to be prompted for further details.


Once finished you can add more delivery items to the list by selecting the + Add Delivery Item Button

Unloading Tab

Delivery Location – this will be shown from the area you selected under the booking tab

  • Unload Method – This field will allow the operative who will be moving the delivery to clearly know which unload methods are required.
  • Edge Protection – This option is to ensure all health and safety requirements are followed

This will now allow you to hit the save button providing you have filled out all the mandatory fields marked with a *

Checking In the Delivery

Once the delivery has arrived any user with permission to manage delivery management can now click into the delivery and select check delivery in button shown below.

The delivery will be marked as "checked in" with the individual's name who checked the delivery in - this is useful if anyone needs to ask a specific person about the delivery.

You can also click into the booking for a more detailed view of the check-in.

For advanced delivery features please follow the link Delivery Management Additional Features