Close Bays

It is now possible to close bays using this will now ask you to give a description of why the bay is closed i.e. for maintenance  - select which site you would like the closure to be on and choose a time and bay you would like to close as shown below.

This will stop any deliveries being made during the above bay closure.

Delivery Notice Period

In the latest CloudPass release we have added a customisable delivery notice period (the default is set to 0 hours)

This removes the ability for contractors and suppliers to book deliveries without the correct amount of notice. i.e. if set to 24 hours all contractors and suppliers must book a delivery slot with more than 24 hours’ notice period.

To amend this setting, you must apply your notice period to each of your delivery locations which can be found under Settings > Delivery Management > Select your site > Select your delivery location and hit the Change button.

This will now ensure any deliveries must follow these rules.

Override for Site Managers and Administrators

A site manager or system administrator may want to override the delivery notice period – to do this a permission must be added to the user types you would like to be able to override the above settings.

To do this an administrator for your organisation must go to Settings > Roles > Select the role you would like to override delivery notice periods i.e. Admin / Site Manager and from the list under Delivery Management select “Override Notice Period”

All users with the above permission will be able to book in deliveries with no notice (ensure this permission is not given to contractors and suppliers)

Approval and Rejection of Booked Deliveries

When a delivery or access request is approved an email is sent to the user to show this has been accepted/rejected with a reason why.

To Reject a delivery click on Requests > Click the delivery > Accept / Reject

This will then allow you to add a reason which will be sent to the end-user.