Site Induction


Before a user can begin their site induction you must invite the person to CloudPass. This can be found here

Induction Test

Once the user has filled out their details as part of the enrolment they will be redirected to the enrolment test page. Here you will see a list of the test you are required to take before being able to access site.

Induction Test Start Screen

A user can be required to watch a site/company induction video prior to beginning the test. The user is required to click a check box confirming they have watched the video.

The user will then be asked multiple questions based upon different styles of answers from multiple choice single answer questions to multiple choice multiple answer questions.

Once the user has completed the induction test they will be presented with their result showing Pass / Fail with the time the test was completed.

If a user has passed the test a site manager or system administrator can grant the user access to site under the “Access Request” tab on CloudPass.

Viewing Test results

Once logged into the CloudPass Dashboard a site manager / administrator can view a users test results. These can be found under the individual users profile

Navigate to People > Select the user who you would like to view > Select Test Results

Test Results Tab

Here you will now see a user’s list of test with their results.

Test Results Failed View
Test Results Passed View

You can also allow a user to retake a test from within the same area of CloudPass if they have failed the test previously.

Resend Induction Email

If a user requires a fresh invite to the site induction you can resend this
Navigate to People > Select the specific person > Select Test Results

Updated on 07/03/2019

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